Sunday, May 10, 2015


The other day I was having a look at older posts in this blog and it is really amazing to see that some things that seemed impossible some years ago, now are not only really simple, but also  I almost do them unconsciously, like a totally normal thing.

Sometimes you can find swans in the river ;)
I still remember the first time my ballet teacher asked me to tombé, pas de bourrée across the floor around four years ago. It might sound simple to any dancer, but it is not easy at all for someone who just (re)started dancing, for real. And then I bumped into this post in which I was super happy because I had my front splits, which I now do on a daily basis, kind of overstretched.  And then my Timehop App reminded me that other time when I congratulated myself for being able to hold my balance in passé for a couple of seconds. Now I can hold it for as long as I want (or as long as my calves want, depending on the day), as well as balances in attitude derrière or in arabesque (well, this one is a little trickier, I must admit!).

What I mean with all this is that no matter how hard anything you try to do is, if you persevere and work hard, you will get to a point when you master it, even if you need years of practice.

So work hard and keep dancing! Never stop dancing!


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