Name: Nerea Fernández
Age: 25
Nationality: Spanish
- Freelance Translator and Interpreter (University of Salamanca)
- Former Spanish Language Assistant in Paris
- Ballet advanced (14 years)
- Flamenco intermediate (8 years)
- Regular blogger and occassional video blogger.

Languages: Spanish, French and English. Going for German and Catalan. I also know some Italian and Russian.

Websites (among many others):

Anything related to Translation and Interpreting is fine for me. I like reading blogs like the ones you can find in the sidebar.
Sometimes I translate things because I feel like it, such as interesting articles in the newspapers or things like that. I also like interpreting for fun! ;)
I can't help exploding in rage when somebody writes or says something wrong in Spanish. When I'm with people I just met and they do it, I usually don't say anything, but I'm dying in the inside. I'm sorry, I'm a language nerd!
Reading is also related to this. I read everything, but I am pretty much in love with Harry Potter.

I started my ballet training when I was six. Then, after a seven-year-long break, I restarted. After training in four dance schools in different cities, I am currently taking classes in León, Spain, at an advanced level (yikes!). I can spend my afternoons watching ballet-related videos and reading blogs or articles about dance. My goal now is to be able to do lots of pirouettes en dehors... and of course, getting to control these awesome and pretty tricky pointe shoes... to do fouetté turns or something.
My posture is kinda ballet-y, so I've been told more than once that I have a swagger when I'm sitting somewhere... But I don't do it in purpose, I promise! It's more comfortable, you should try it! Anyway, I was born with weird hips and knees which don't allow me to plié like a ballerina. Actually my turnout is probably the worst in the world, haha. Seriously, guys. You have to see it. Even my teachers say it.

My favourite ballet dancer is Tamara Rojo, Spanish ballerina with a perfect technique, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet for 12 years, billed as one of the best dance actresses of her generation and now artistic director of the English National Ballet. Her Manon is perfection, period. But I love many others, like Alina Cojocaru, Marianela Núñez, Uliana Lopatkina, Natalia Osipova, Olesya Novikova, Svetlana Zakharova, Alessandra Ferri, Lauren Cuthbertson, Sylvie Guillem, Gillian Murphy, Laura Morera, Lucía Lacarra, Polina Semionova...
And as regards male dancers... I love Carlos Acosta, Johan Kobborg, Thiago Soares, Herman Cornejo, Ángel Corella, Roberto Bolle, Julio Bocca, Leonid Sarafanov, José Carlos Martínez, Guillaume Côté, Bennet Gartside, Manuel Legris, Marcelo Gomes, David Makhateli, Rupert Pennefather, Edward Watson, José Martín, Ivan Vasiliev...
So if you know anything about ballet, you might have guessed that my favourite ballet company is the Royal Ballet!
Favourite ballets (in no particular order, though I may admit that I have endless love for the first one): Manon, Swan Lake, Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote and La Fille Mal Gardée.
Oh, and Kennet MacMillan is da boss.

I also like videoblogging. I used to do it in order to procrastinate from school stuff, but now it's something to procrastinate from, as videos are becoming more difficult and challenging to make. Anyway, I find it really amusing and I have fun learning how to edit videos, so I will keep doing it for a long time. You can access my YouTube account by clicking the link above.

In all, I like anything related to new technologies. I know how to make websites since I was eight and I've been playing videogames pretty much since I have a memory. I love Nintendo. I am the master of Super Mario Galaxy, just for your information, and I love The Legend of Zelda among many others.

Cosplaying is also fun. I am a big Star Wars fan, so sometimes I get dressed as a Jedi or as many other characters. Also, I have many costumes of Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Matrix and other movies.

That's all, folks!
I'm a nerd, I know. It was fun introducing me. Can I meet you now? =D