Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ballet and interpreters are everywhere!

So recently my fellow ballet blogger Nina wrote this nice post about ballet being everywhere.
That is so true. Ballet is everywhere and so are interpreters!

I went to Brussels and I visited the European Parliament. You can think: "but no wonder there were interpreters at the EU Parliament. It's the biggest interpreting service in the world!"
I know, yeah. That's why I was so excited!

I mean... look at those amazing booths!
But there was something else I hadn't thought before travelling to that country!
You know, Belgium has got three official languages, therefore in its parliament there must be some interpreters! So I was able to go inside the building just to check it out... because I'm that cool! Nah, I'm not. On Thursday they had their National Day, so public buildings were open for everyone! So I went into the Belgian Parliament and it was very cool! You could see micros and headphones everywhere... and those horrible "booths"! Actually I don't know if I can call them "booths", because they consisted of a table, two chairs, two consoles and a pane of glass in front of them. And that's all! I mean, no walls, no door... NOTHING! If you're an interpreter there, you must suffer a lot doing your job! You can hear everything around you!
Actually I think I couldn't do it, as I got distracted by my classmates' voices when they were interpreting in adjacent booths! It's sad but it seems that in the professional world this happens a lot. Our teacher told us that she's had to work in these situations more than once. Not fun. AT ALL.

And regarding ballet being everywhere, in Brussels I saw something I never thought I would see. There was a freakin' ballerina in the Atomium! A freakin' ballerina doll, you guys! Yeah, there she was, with her leg on the barre, doing some stretching:

And she's got pointe shoes and everything!
And I could see the poster of "Romeo and Juliet" by the Moscow Ballet everywhere in Brussels. The performance will be in December, though. I wanted to steal a poster, but they where pretty much well stucked.

Also, I found this lovely photo of a plié in fifth position in Bruges. I had to take a picture:

Girl likes hard work. And torn leg warmers, haha!
And that's all for now, guys!
I'm back. I like having you around.



  1. This is what happens when you have no internet for almost 10 days!I did not see you had linked me! Thank you :D

    When my dad worked for the UN, I went on some of the interpreter booths there. They are really great!

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