Sunday, December 2, 2012

Turning as Kitri in Paris!

I found a studio!
An awesome studio with an awesome ballet teacher who also teaches awesomeness at the Paris Opera Ballet. She's brilliant, funny, clever and a really beautiful dancer. I feel really, really lucky, nice reader. And dancing again feels great. I missed it so much!

And the school is this one:
It looks really good. The teachers are all from the Paris Opera Ballet; there are even some étoiles teaching. Also, they take teaching adults seriously! And there is live piano music! So I can't be happier right now.

I leave you with something that happened yesterday in pointe class.

*Piano plays Don Quixote coda music*
Teacher: Okay! Don Quixote music? Well then, we're gonna do the 32 turns!
Teacher: I'm serious!
Class: OH, OKAY.
And then we turned. Or something!

To be honest, we weren't doing fouettés, nor pirouettes. Just normal turns in fifth position. But some REALLY FAST TURNS! By the end of them I was so dizzy I couldn't see properly. MUST.WORK.ON.SPOTTING.

Love this pic of Polina Semionova and Cory Stearns from ABT rehearsing Don Quixote in Barcelona. Photo by Renata Pavam.
Keep dancing!


  1. I wish I could be in pointe T_T this next year i couldn't go to ballet class because i don't have money... until april or something Y_Y

    good luck!

    1. If you keep working you will be en pointe soon.
      Ugh, I know about the money issue. Ballet is so expensive that people come and go very easily. It's not fair. If we want to be any good we would need to go to class everyday and then practise a lot. I wish there was a way to fix that.
      I'm sad for you. But you can always try to work on your own on the things you've learned in class. Once you come back you won't be out of shape and your teacher will see your improvement. :)

      I actually can't really afford going to class in Paris. It's SO MUCH more expensive here than in Spain. I'm paying more than twice what I used to pay back home (which already was a big amount). But I'm telling myself that I have to make the most of my time here and possibly bring back to Spain as much French ballet knowledge as I can.
      I'm actually doing extra hours at work just to pay for my ballet lessons. Now, if that isn't love for the art, tell me what it is! ;)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you've found a great studio with a great teacher! I'm faced with a few years off while I study engineering full time. It's only been half a year since my last class and I'm desperate to go back! I had only just started pointe work, too.

    I just found your blog after reading your interview on Adult Ballerina Project, and I must say you are a very inspiring young woman! Keep dancing :D

    1. I'm glad you liked my interview, it was lots of fun! Thank you, I hope you can get back to ballet class very soon, I know how it feels, not being able to go to class for a while.
      Good luck!