Sunday, March 24, 2013

Your cotton is important!

So yesterday I was in pointe class. It was so long and intense.

We were doing some really difficult combinations, set to the Rose Adagio music, as well as to Aurora's variation music from Act III of Sleeping Beauty.
Awesome..., but yeah, you can imagine: our feet were hurting a lot and we were so, so tired. That was honestly the first time in my life that I needed a ballet class to finish already (even if I was having LOTS of fun). There must have been a moment of total despair, because the teacher looked at our faces and said:
I know, I know. It is difficult and it hurts. You know what? I have this little student. The other day we were in class and I realized she wasn't going on pointe. She kept dancing on demi-pointe again and again. So I asked her about it (Nerea points out: in a cute voice talking in French):
—But... what happens? What's wrong? You can't go en pointe? Did you hurt your feet?
—No, madame... but...
—Then what...? Just tell me, it's okay...!
—I... I forgot... to put the... the cotton in my pointes...
—But how come? When you put your pointes on you always put some padding in them...!
—I know, madame... but this time I... I forgot!
—Okay, okay, don't worry... but remember the cotton for our next class!
So there you go. Don't forget your cotton. Or whatever you put on your toes to make pointe work just... bearable.
And keep dancing anyway!


  1. I LOVE dancing to actual pieces from great classical ballets!
    I recently cut down on the amount of stuff in my shoes - last time I went with just tape, and my shoes fit much better and I was more comfortable.

  2. I love this! Reminds me so much of my days dancing en pointe. Can't wait to get back there again. I've really enjoyed your blog and looking forward to future posts.

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award - check out the details here: It's a fun little 20-questions type activity that's been going around the blogosphere lately. You're welcome to participate or just accept the award and leave it at that. Thanks for your great posts! :)

  4. Haha too funny! :) I've never been on pointe which makes me kind of sad :(

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