Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's ironic that I decided to start this blog yesterday, simply because I did an interpreting exam that went well. It's ironic that I thought I had done some interpreting properly for the first time in my life.

It just seems I was wrong. I didn't fail. No, I didn't. But my mark wasn't good at all, and this makes me think about my future. I told you yesterday that I wanted to become an interpreter. But do I REALLY want that? I mean: do I really want to be depressed the next whole academic year (and the rest of my life) because I am not good enough at what I like best?

I know I am too pessimistic, but I can't help it. They say that people that study this are always very competitive and perfectionist. I am not an exception. I know I am not "the best" and I don't like that. But I don't know what else I can do to change that. I am not good at this and I have to get over it.

So... now what? I'm going to see my interpreting teacher in an hour or so, and she'll probably tell me that I shouldn't choose the interpreting itinerary next year if I don't want to fail miserably. Or not: she might try to cheer me up, because she's nice. But I'm not silly and I know my limits. And my limits are probably here.

Ok, actually, yesterday there were two possible entries for this blog today. Here you are, this is the bad one. The other one was just a stupid dream that never came true. And never will.


Never? Well, no, I'm not ready to say that yet.
I just don't want to accept it. What if I decide to spend the WHOLE summer interpreting as if my life depended on it? What if I actually CAN do it, but I don't know yet? People say that if you really want something, you will obtain it. You just have to work hard, and to be honest, I haven't tried as hard as I know I could have.

Nothing is lost yet, I guess. I'm going to talk to my teacher, see what she tells me and I will let you guys know.


At least, today I have a ballet class that will help me cheer up.


  1. I know you are not asking for advice but...
    I maintain that when a person does what they love, what they MUST do, then they WILL be great at it because it's not just a job, it become part of who they are. We INHABIT the things that we love. Even the unattainable construct of perfection loses its sting to the joy of doing what we are.
    Good luck with your meeting and let us know how it goes :)

  2. Thank you so much! I wasn't actually asking for advice, but I DID want to know other opinions and I appreciate this a lot.

    Finally I'll see my teacher tomorrow morning. I hope she isn't too hard with me =)

    I will try harder and see what I get. But I have to be realistic anyway ^^

  3. Your dreams can become true... I´m following you since december and I think that you are a very good student,responsible and constant. I´m 17 and I would like to study Translation and Interpreting. There are several problems in my life, so I will have to work had to do it... and I know my English isn´t very good, but you have shown me the passion for this career through your daily tweeps. Nerea, you´ll have no limits if yo really want to do this. Don´t leave and fight! I´m sure you´ll get what you want.

  4. Thank you, Mª Mar! Your English is great; don't say it isn't!! =D
    I'm glad you want to study this; it's really amazing!
    I've already talked to my teacher and she gave me a good opportunity for next year. I'll be able to learn how to interpret, without having to do any exams =)
    Thanks again and all the best on your studies! =)