Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving on...

Hi there once again!

I said I would let you know what my teacher told me about my interpreting. I went to her office and basically she said that sometimes I was VERY good, but there were always some moments in which she didn't know what to do with my speeches.

I told her that I really wanted to choose Interpreting instead of Translation next year, and she quickly dissuaded me from doing that. Actually she was very nice while saying it, but I simply wanted to DIE at that point. BUT! (Yes, there's a "but", and this is a nice one...) She said that next year, if I did Translation, I would be able to go to as many interpreting lessons as I wanted, and learn as many things as "real" students, without having to do the final exam. I know that on my university degree people won't read "specialized in interpreting", but they will read "Translator AND interpreter", and I guess that the important thing is what you can ACTUALLY do, regardless of what is written on a piece of paper!

So I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do next year, but I know that I have this opportunity, and it is probably the best one for me, according to my current skills.

What else!? Time for a ballet talk! Yay!
So last week I went to my ballet class and after doing some tendus, jetés and passés, my teacher said that my feet were beautiful, strong and prepared. I think it's an awesome thing to be told, so I'm really happy with myself.

Also, yesterday we were at the barre, doing some demi-pirouettes and the teacher was telling my classmates to keep their arms placed; she said that I was doing it properly, so I stopped and started looking at the corrections she was making to the others. It is true that you can learn lots of things looking at fellow students!

Now it's been exactly eight months since I decided to take ballet lessons again and I'm starting to actually see a big improvement in my dancing skills. I feel more confident at the barre and I really feel like dancing (at the beginning it was like some weird feet-and-arm-moving). Now I feel just like I felt eight years ago, when I was on pointe in front of an enormous crowd. The difference is that now, on pointe or not, I truly know that I LOVE ballet and I will not stop dancing ever. Ok, maybe when I'm too old, but still...

 That's me, the other day in my bedroom =D

See you!


  1. Also, yesterday we where at the barre...
    I think you meant to say “were“.

  2. Lol. Exactly, I've changed it =).
    Thanks, stupid subconscious! =D