Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Day when it happened

Today I went to my second ballet class of the year.
The first one, on Tuesday, was fine, but there were some new people, so it was slow. I have no problem with that, as we’re starting again after three months and I believe it’s better not to start with a full variation at the centre.

But I am here to write about today, which is going to be known as “The Day” from now on. Because, nice reader, “The Day” was good, so good. Barre was very simple; I did the exercises without much trouble, except for a: Nerea, try not to move your body so much when rond-de-jambe-ing with your left foot. Because, you know, Left Side is evil. It’s the Dark Side of ballet. I am such a disaster with my left part of the body, seriously.
Also, I could finally keep my balance for many seconds while doing a passé relevé, which is a huge achievement for me, due to my weird hips and knees.

Later we started with the diagonals, which consisted in walking. Yep, it was simply walking as ballerinas in first position. Mrs. C asked me not to be “so correct”. She said that my walking was technically perfect, but I should be more relaxed. I can’t help being tense; I haven’t danced in three months!

So when ballet class finished, a friend of mine asked the teacher about the possibility of attending pointe class this year. It was a private talk, actually, but when I finished putting my flamenco clothes on (because “The Day” wasn’t over yet), I joined the conversation. I said I was also interested in that, but Mrs. C thought it was maybe too early because we had been doing ballet for less than twelve months. She said that we shouldn’t join “Pointe Class” anyway, mostly because it’s for advanced people. There’s no pointe class for beginners right now. Nice reader, that is a shame, you know. She also said that she would try to arrange a thing on the timetable to make us come half an hour before our normal class to be able to do some barre work en pointe. BUT, that would be next year. NEXT YEAR, or as soon as in March, April or so. That is a total disaster. A total and absolute disaster, because next year I will be a graduate and I will not be in Salamanca for ballet class after June. But that was her last word.

Then, flamenco class with my flamenco classmates started. We’re currently dancing some beautiful alegrías, but I’m not comfortable. I’m, you know, used to delicate movements and tense body; I’m more classical! And that doesn’t have anything to do with the fiery steps of alegrías. So we’re doing a nice step in which you have to move your right foot forward and with it… you also have to move your right hip. Well, I can’t do that. I keep doing a tendu. And that’s not it. And of course, Mrs. C has realised, because she ALWAYS realises. She said she had the same problem when she started with flamenco after so many years of ballet. Ha! I’m not the only one! She suggested me to relax my body and to forget about ballet (which is not easy at all). So I guess I can say that the bad news are that I am not good enough at dancing flamenco because I am too ballet-y. Oh wait… are those bad news? I don’t really know.

Class finished and I got dressed normally to go back home. I was kind of sad. Or disappointed, or something. Mrs. C was at the reception when I was about to leave. I was determined to let her know that I had some pointe shoes at home which I wanted her to see if we were ever going to do some barre work, even if it was in April. I think I sounded a little desperate, actually, haha. No, but seriously, I told her that if she was going to teach us half an hour or so in April, I wanted to show her my old and crappy pointe shoes in case she didn’t like them and wanted me to buy some new ones. Because they are really crappy, guys. Really, really crappy…
And this is where magic begins!
The conversation was something like:

Mrs. C: Oh, but you already did pointe?
Me: Yes! I did a year and a half of pointe, a long, long time ago!
Mrs. C: I knew it! You have very strong legs and feet. You can do it! I just don’t want the rest of your classmates to injure themselves because of my decision. But you can do it!
Me: B-b-but…
Mrs. C: You can go to pointe class tomorrow. Speak with the teacher, she’s there.
Me: But… it’s an advanced level!
Mrs. C: You can do it. Go, have a look and try it. Hey, Mrs. M! Nerea took pointe class a long time ago!
Mrs. M: Ok, she can come then!
Me: B-but my pointe shoes are old… and… crappy!
Mrs. M: No problem, just bring them! I will see you tomorrow, Nerea!

And I stand there, open-mouthed. I take a deep breath and utter a shy “see you tomorrow, then!”
I leave, and while "The Day" comes to an end, I take my mobile phone and call my family with tears in my eyes.



  1. Hola!
    pues sí, no soy de Salamanca pero vivo aquí desde el año pasado, y la verdad que desde que te sigo en twitter y me comentaste, me estás haciendo pensar mucho lo de volver a bailar. Podrías decirme a qué academia vas tú, el nivel, la clase (el precio xD)... si no te importa, claro :)


    P.D. me hace una ilusión leer entradas como ésta... :_)

  2. @Lady Drama ¡Claro que sí!
    Voy a Espacio Endanza (Calle Salesas 4-6). Mira, en su sitio web aparecen muchas cosas:

    Mi profesora es una chica encantadora que da las clases muy bien. Yo estoy yendo a clase de iniciación al ballet (aunque después de la clase de puntas de hoy, me han recomendado que vaya a intermedio). Dependiendo de cómo te veas, podrías probar distintos niveles.
    Pero si hace mucho que no bailas, te recomiendo venir a la de iniciación (que además es la más barata: 30€ por cuatro horas al mes, y 45€ por 8 horas al mes) para ir recordando las cosillas. Ahora mismo estamos haciendo un mini repaso de las cosas más básicas para ir subiendo la dificultad en meses venideros. Por cierto, iniciación es las tardes de martes y jueves; medio, lunes y miércoles; avanzado, martes y jueves también; y puntas, los viernes.
    Lo mejor sería que te pasaras por allí a preguntar. La chica que está en recepción también es profesora. Es súper amable y te aconsejará bien.

    Anímate, mujer. Hay gente nueva todos los años y yo misma soy un desastre, xD. Pero el caso es pasarlo bien, ¿no? ¡Y ya sabes que esto acaba enganchando! Además, me encantaría verte por allí =)


    P.D.: Me alegro de que te haya gustado. A mí también me hizo ilusión escribirla =D

  3. YAY!!! :) I am so happy for you to go to pointe! And at an advanced level! I would be so over the moon. :) I only do half an hour of pointe once a week but that little bit is such a wondrous high for me!!! So happy for you!!!

    P.S. My left side in ballet is also disastrous :)

  4. @Hannah Thank you!!! I really enjoyed Friday class. It was cool, but so difficult! I will write a post about it =)
    And yes, left side is such a pain. Today, I was doing rond de jambes correctly with my right leg. Teacher said I was doing very well. Then, left side. Horror. Funny teacher started to imitate my "amazing" hip movement. I looked like a salsa dancer, seriously. Gotta work on that.