Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twitter talks pointe class

Going to ballet class. Excited. Je vous vois dans trois heures, tweeps!

This is how I said goodbye on Twitter last Thursday. Three hours went by, I got home, and this is what I wrote:

Back from ballet class... with GREAT NEWS. OH-MY-GAWD, OH-MY-GAWD, OH-MY-GAWD, YOU GUYS.
My teacher has invited me to JOIN TOMORROW'S BALLERINA CLASS, aka POINTE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't been to a pointe class since I was 13. So I've just (re)joined the club of people who like to mangle their feet on purpose!!!

Please note my mental breakdown. It might be serious. Later that day I also had my sentimental moment:

I just wanted to say that... I love you all, ballet tweeps. I'm so happy to be a part of this community where we can share our impressions.

And then, another mental breakdown. This one is a little milder, as I was starting to assimilate the news:

Sorry if I'm a little annoying, but I can't help jumping and shouting in joy! I AM EN POINTE, YOU GUYS.

It seems that when your ballet teacher invites you to try pointe class, you feel everything. Fear, of course, is the order of the day:

But I'm a little worried, because pointe class won't be with my regular teacher. The other one seems a little harsh (?).
Oh my God. I am going to suck so much this afternoon at pointe class.

Then, I got ready (see feet here) and went to pointe class.
And this is the result of it:

Advanced pointe class is serious business, guys. It felt good, but I was doing pointe with 15-17-year-old girls far more talented than me, who could do piqués en tournant without problems. But the good news are that my feet weren't hurting at all!!!
I will go to the academy on Monday again. I will talk to my pointe teacher and to my regular teacher and we'll see what they think about me.
Oh my, I'm dehydrated!!!
I guess my teacher was right (they know us better than we think). I was prepared. I didn’t break my ankles in pointe class.
The problem was the technical level. They should give a pointe class for beginners, because I simply couldn’t follow the steps. Seriously, how the hell do they want me to do a hundred piqué turns EN POINTE in my first class in 8 years? I can't even do them properly in slippers!
Definitely, I could totally go to that pointe class during barre and port de bras. But the diagonals were too much. TOO. MUCH.

Oh, and by the way... I think my ballet teacher just promoted me to intermediate class. Maybe I did something well today, after all? =)

Nope, I hadn’t done anything well THAT day. This is what hapenned yesterday when I went to talk to her:

My ballet teacher had spoken about me with the intermediate teacher before the academic year started.
She told her I was strong, had a good posture, a very fast evolution and could perfectly fit into the intermediate class (and pointe shoes).
She said that last year she could tell I had danced for many years before. In her (translated) own words: “I just had to polish you up a little bit, but now you’re ready”.
So she has definitely invited me to try intermediate level. She said I could be a little lost at the beginning, but she believed I was prepared.

And also sad, because that means that I am probably going to class with another teacher. And I like Mrs. C so much, you guys. Because she’s lovely.

My super old pointe shoes, which look less crappy with their new ribbons!



  1. YAY!!! Sounds like thing are going really well for you in ballet! Hurray!!!

  2. @Hannah Thank you! Yes, things are going incredibly well and I don't really know why. Maybe I knew more than I thought! Well, anyway, as regards ballet, my teacher knows me better than I do, so if she says I'm ready, I will trust her!

  3. YES! Absolutely. When my teacher told me this evening I could try pique turns en pointe across the floor I thought she was crazy--but I just have to trust that she knows WAY more than I do!

  4. @Hannah Exactly! So try them! At some point you'll see them as something incredibly "easy" to do. And you'll have new goals! That's the best thing about ballet. You never stop learning! =)

  5. Congrats for you being on pointe again! It sounds great!

  6. @Kritzelfee Thank you so much!! I am really happy! =D