Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Hi everybody!

How's this new year going? For me, quite well, even though I spent the first week really stressed due to bureaucracy. I hatehatehatehate it! But some hours ago I sent the last envelope to the correct address and now I'm happy to say I am free!! I am back in Salamanca and I'm allowed to do nothing but dance, read and write, because I already did my exams in December. Big YAY until February 13th!

So I have never, ever, written a list of new year's resolutions. We don't do that in Spain, nice reader. But some things just came across my mind and then I thought: "hey! I could do those during 2012! They are perfectly achievable in a year!". So this is my super short list:

  • Learn Catalan. I know: nobody can learn a language in a year (unless you're the most intelligent person on Earth). But the thing is, I already know Catalan. I know I do! I can perfectly understand it, both reading and listening. But I never dare saying it's one of my working languages, because I always struggle when it comes to "producing" the language. Catalan is kind of similar to French and I can't help but mix them in my head. If I start speaking Catalan, I always end up saying things in French and so on. So yeah, by the end of this year I'll be speaking and writing Catalan fluently, you'll see!
  • Become a translator and a teacher. Just six months to go and it'll be done. I just need to pass three more subjects and write a long Bachelor's Degree Thesis (on dance, nice reader! I got to mix translation and dance for the last essay of my degree!) and I'll become an official translator. Obviously, I still have lots of things to learn, but for now I'll be happy with my Degree thingy. The teacher will come later, because I'm probably going to work in France as a Spanish Language Assistant in October. Pretty nice, huh?
  • Pirouette. I just need to be able to do some clean singles before I even think of doubles. I am getting better, yes. I can pirouette, but I just want to be comfortable and get to measure the amount of impulse that I need, both en pointe and in soft slippers. The round fouettés will come when I am fully aware where my weight is and where it should be.
  • Always dance like nobody is watching. This may be cliché, but I have realised that I dance way better when I forget about everything and everybody. I must get to find this feeling every single time I practice.
  • Work hard... in every aspect of my life.

Also, can I haz Lucía Lacarra's arabesque? Plz!? *_*
 Photo: Stanislav Belyaevsky
And that's pretty much all.
Be happy, y'all!


  1. Ohohoh... you're going to have *the* most awesome time if you go to France to do the language teaching assistant thingy! I did it (but with English) as part of my degree and had one of the best years of my life. Super jealous!

    1. I'm kinda worried about it, actually, because I don't know if I'm going to be a good teacher!
      But yes, I'm super excited too!!! =D

  2. YES to dancing like no one is watching! I know that is a common phrase, but in class, when I stop worrying about other people noticing me, my dancing improves by leaps and bounds. Also, yes to pirouettes! I can pirouette(usually) but I want to pirouette every time like it ain't no thing. :) (so that eventually i can try a double...and maybe even one en pointe :) good luck with your resolutions! i think you'll do great!

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, pirouettes are tricky. You can do loads of them well, but you're never sure if the next one is going to work too. Practice, practice, practice! That's all we need! =)