Thursday, January 12, 2012


Is there any word that your ballet teacher says a lot?

Mine, apart from "¡no!", likes to shout "¡TALÓN!" all the time. It literally means "heel!", but not literally, it means "push your heel forward so I can see your turnout, damn it!!!".
So basically, if we're doing a series of relevés, we hear something like this: "¡uno, talón, hop, talón, tres, talón, cuatro, talón, hop, talón, hop, talón, etc.!"
And the same happens when it comes to tendus and jetés: "¡y, fuera, talón, fuera, talón, fuera, fuera, fuera, talón!"

Kinda funny, guys!

This is not even possible!
Venus Villa's turnout
Remember your turnout!


  1. It's so interesting how the way you hold your heel is so important in ballet. It's of those things you would never realize unless you took a class.

    1. Right? And when you start it takes a lot of time to realise that you need to keep your feet turned out. Last year, after doing a series of jetés or tendus, my teacher used to say: "Nerea, look at your feet!". I looked down and they were almost in parallel...